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Tullamore Lavender Co.

The TLC Sachet

The TLC Sachet

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Stash lavender in all the places! Drawers, gym and yoga bags, purses and luggage. Just add anywhere that needs a little burst of freshness + squeeze to release the scent.

This is a handmade sachet filled with Ontario lavender buds using reclaimed remnant fabric - fabric too small to make into other products. This means each sachet is different! Fabrics and sizes will vary from those in the photos. Think of it as a fun little lavender surprise. 

Here are our favourite ways to use lavender sachets.

 More Details

  • Handmade with TLC at our farm near Arthur, Ontario
  • Each is unique and will differ from the sachets pictured
  • Small: 1/4 cup of Ontario grown lavender; approx. 3.25" x 3.25"
  • Large: 1/2 cup of Ontario grown lavender;  approx. 5" x 5

    Dried lavender buds hold their essential oil. Over time the aroma and oil release. Sachets can last for years, but it’s probably safe to say they will last about a year. To release the oils and aroma, squeeze the sachet. The more you squeeze, the more aroma the buds will release (and eventually fade).

    Perfect for:

    • Gift giving
    • Tucking into pillows to help with sleep
    • Keeping moths out of your clothes
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