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Tullamore Lavender Co.

The TLC Sachet

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Stash lavender in all the places! Your drawers, gym and yoga bags, purses and luggage. We've rounded up our favourite ways to use lavender sachets in this blog post.

This is a handmade sachet filled with Ontario lavender buds using reclaimed remnant fabric - fabric too small to make into other products. This means each sachet is different! Fabrics and sizes will vary from those in the photos. Think of it as a fun little lavender surprise. 

 More Details

  • Handmade with TLC at our farm near Arthur, Ontario
  • Each is unique and will differ from the sachets pictured
  • Small: 1/4 cup of Ontario grown lavender; approx. 4" x 4"
  • Large: 1/2 cup of Ontario grown lavender;  approx. 5" x 5

    Dried lavender buds hold their essential oil. Over time the aroma and oil release. Sachets can last for years, but it’s probably safe to say they will last about a year. To release the oils and aroma, squeeze the sachet. The more you squeeze, the more aroma the buds will release (and eventually fade).

    Perfect for:

    • Gift giving
    • Folx who travel
    • Keeping moths out of your closet

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