5 Ways to Use a Lavender Sachet

5 Ways to Use a Lavender Sachet

First off, what the heck even is a lavender sachet?

A sachet (said “sAh-shay”) is a small perfumed bag traditionally used to scent clothing and linens. They are typically filled with a dried herb, flower or potpourri. Historically, sachets have been used for thousands of years as a form of perfume, insect repellant and to induce sleep. Some cultures even used them to repel evil spirits.

Although we can't vouch for the evil spirit claim, we do have several suggestions on how you can use a sachet. Here are some of our favourite ways to use a lavender sachet:

1. Lavender sachets can keep moths away.

Although lavender can rid your closest of moths, it can help keep them away to start with. Lavender contains compounds that moths and other insects apparently do not like (more on this here).  The herb has been used for centuries to ward off bugs, and although not fool proof, should help keep your clothes safe.

2. An old-fashioned lavender deodorizer.

Yoga bags, gym bags and purses can all get…well... stinky. Adding a lavender sachet to the mix is a great way to freshen up your bags (or at least cover up the less desirable smells). And as you search for the items in your bag, the sachet should get tossed around and release its scent.

3. Goodbye car air freshener, hello sachet.

Use the power of the sun + lavender to scent your car. Leave a sachet on your dash to allow the sun to warm the lavender buds inside. The heat will promote the release of the essential oils and your car will have a light scent of lavender in no time.

4. Hide some lavender in your desk.

Taking mindful breaks from work is important for physical and mental health. We suggest adding some lavender to your break routine. Keep a lavender sachet in your desk (or lunch bag) and bring it out to help maximize your 15 minutes of “down time”. We find a few mindful breaths (and sniffs of lavender) can really do wonders.

5. Toss a sachet in the dryer.

By placing a sachet in the dryer you can add a burst of lavender to your load of laundry. Each sachet should last for about 10 loads. We recommend using the sachet when drying your linens, and not with every load, as the sachet will lose a bit of its scent with each use.

No matter how you use them, the trick to sachets is in the "squeeze". Since our lavender sachets are filled with Ontario-grown dried lavender buds, a quick squeeze helps to essential oil (and smell) held within the bud. We use Phenomenal lavender, which is considered a “French” cultivar. This means it has a stronger more long-lasting scent, as its buds contain more camphor. Have a favourite use for sachets that wasn't listed. We'd love to hear about it in the comments below.

xo Stephanie

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Hi Frances – I suggest making your own sachets! That’s the best way to place loose lavender throughout your home :)

Stephanie Craig

I make spice bags and use them the same way. Keep as a moth repellant in my warm woolen and silk and heavy saris and outfits which I usually store in fine muslin bags

Harkirat Chaudhry

I bought a little cellophene bag of lavender at airport, , but I want to open it and spread it around, can I do that, as it was expensive, so tell me how to use it.

Frances mueller

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