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Bungalow Blue Collection

Lavender-Filled Scrunchie

Lavender-Filled Scrunchie

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There's no better way to bring a little TLC with you throughout your day. Made in collaboration with Bungalow Blue Collection these scrunchies are filled with dried French lavender Lavandula x intermedia) buds. As you wear the scrunchie, it gives off the calming scent of lavender. It’s kinda life changing!

 More Details

  • The elastic measures about 6"
  • Can also be worn on your wrist
  • Made by Bungalow Blue Collection based in Guelph, Ontario

Dried lavender buds hold essential oil. Over time the oil (and aroma) release. To release the oils and aroma, just “scrunch” the scrunchie. The more you scrunch, the more scent it will release (and eventually fade).

Perfect for:

  • Folx who love a good top knot
  • Carrying calm with you all day
  • Your girlfriends/squad/wolfpack
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