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Mapleton Acres + Tullamore Lavender Co.

'FOREVER' Bouquet

'FOREVER' Bouquet

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Too cute to handle, these dried bouquets feature TLC lavender and other naturally dried blooms from our neighbours at Mapleton Acres. Each bouquet is unique and designed by hand. 

Better yet, the dried lavender stems hold essential oil and give off a soft aroma. Low maintenance, beautiful and extremely eco-friendly, these bouquets prove that dried is anything but dreary. 

More Details

  • Naturally dried lavender from TLC + blooms from Mapleton Acres; No preservatives, dyes or sprays used
  • Each bouquet is unique and will not be exactly as shown
  • This "forever" bouquet should last for at least a year, but likely many more 
  • All Ontario grown + wrapped with care near Arthur, Ontario


  • These "forever" bouquets require no care. Seriously! Just place in a vessel or hang. No water required.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight to preserve the colour
  • Dried flowers are delicate. Due to the delicate nature of these bouquets, we cannot guarantee they will arrive without a bit of wear and tear from shipping. It is normal and expected that leaves, petals and buds will fall off. We will do our very best to wrap them up as safely, but we highly recommend on-farm pick up.

Perfect for:

  • Brightening up a room with little to no sunlight
  • Eco-conscious flower lovers
  • Folx who can't keep plants alive
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