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Tullamore Lavender Co.

Culinary Lavender

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The secret ingredient to elevate any recipe: culinary lavender! These dried buds work well is savoury + sweet dishes. Think muffins, cookies, roasted potatoes, meat rubs, bread and cheesecake! Simply crush a tsp or tbsp to the recipe. A little bit of culinary lavender goes a long way.

Wondering how to use culinary lavender? View our blog posts with culinary lavender ideas.

All of our culinary lavender is grown, hand-harvested, dried and packaged on our farm. We have three types of culinary lavender available to try. Here's more on each:

  • 'Munstead' is Stephanie + Steve's personal favourite culinary lavender. It works in both sweet and savoury recipes. It's soft, floral and herbaceous, with subtle notes of melon.
  • 'Super Blue' has deep purple, almost blue buds. It offers strong notes of honey and works especially well in sweet recipes.
  • 'Royal Velvet' is deep purple with an intense flavour. The most "lavender" forward of our three options. It's very floral with subtle woody notes.

More Details

  • Grown and packaged with TLC on our farm near Arthur, Ontario
  • 12 grams of culinary grade lavender buds (Lavandula angustifolia)
  • 1 gram of dried buds = 1 tsp (approx.)
  • Unfortunately, we can only ship this product within Ontario

Perfect for:

  • Foodies
  • Tea lovers
  • Bakers