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Tullamore Lavender Co.

Craft Lavender Buds

Craft Lavender Buds

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These craft lavender buds can be used in sachets and other sewn products, in tinctures and potpourris, or to make bath and body products like infused oil and soaps. 

    More Details:

    • 5 cup = approx. 175 grams
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    • Grown with TLC at our farm near Arthur, Ontario
    • Not appropriate for culinary use

    English - Lavandula angustifolia “Hidcote Blue”

    These buds have a sweet floral aroma and a deep purple colour. We think these buds work best in tinctures, potpourris and oils.

    French - Lavandula x intermedia "Phenomenal"

    These buds have a strong almost menthol aroma and a light blueish-purple colour. We think these buds work best in sewn products and soaps. 

    Perfect for:

    • Crafters
    • Folx who prefer to DIY
    • Folx looking to infuse their own oil
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