What’s with the name, Tullamore?

What’s with the name, Tullamore?

Is Tullamore a location, a person, a nonsense word? Pronounced "tuh·luh·mor", the company name was chosen for lots of reasons.

First off, it honours my grandmother, Dorothy, who was born and raised in Tullamore, Ontario. A small community near Brampton.

As a young woman she was part of a group of women called “The Ladies of Tullamore”. I’m honestly not sure if this was an official name, but she would talk of these “Ladies of Tullamore” with respect and reverence.

This group of women came together to make crafts like lace and quilts. The name Tullamore Lavender Co. honours these women “makers” of the past.

Through my grandmother's stories, I patched together visions of “The Ladies of Tullamore” coming together to form a creative community. In the 1930’s and 40’s this creative and social outlet must have been invaluable.

These women sewed, crocheted, gardened, baked, cooked and farmed with little acknowledgment of their labour. I can only imagine the solace and inspiration they would have found in the company of one another.

I also truly love that our farm name can be shortened into an acronym that is also used for “tender loving care”. We really do believe that our farm and business can bring more TLC to the world.

xo Stephanie

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