Three wool lamb stuffies lay side by side with purple striped pants on and small sachets of lavender peeking out of their pants.

The perfect lavender stuffed animal

How much time do you think it takes to design the perfect "stuffie"? I spent more time on this design than I’d like to admit. But I wanted it to be perfect.

My obsession with lavender stuffed animals began in 2019. I created a rudimentary robot stuffie for a co-workers son who was having trouble sleeping. I filled it with flax + lavender buds, and it was a hit. I went to Google to see what else existed and all I could find was mass-manufactured plush toys that were scented with lavender essential oil.

Fast forward to 2021, I partnered with ouistitine in Montreal to make a small batch of truly lovely teddies. But when it came time to re-stock, I wanted to make some adjustments.

The previous iterations all had lavender sachets sewn inside the stuffies – making a full wash impossible. Since the first design, I had my own child and I now fully realize how challenging that can be. Plus, I wanted the design to feel more like “Tullamore”. So, I went back to the drawing board and designed my own.

Featuring local wool + lavender

As a first step, I messaged Romy at Revolution Wool Company. I’ve long admired her wool business + how she both farms and runs a products business. I can tell you, it is not an easy feat. I really love her quality of products, unique offerings and she’s fantastic at building community. Plus, we live just 20 minutes away from each other.

Wool is the perfect fabric + filling for stuffies; it’s breathable, anti-bacterial + anti-microbial, durable, biodegradable, natural + easy to care for.

We opted to use upcycled wool for the body and fill with her raw wool. The felt ears and hands are made of her felt too. Oh, and I use her wool yarn for the eyes. I sourced 100% cotton fabrics for the trousers and sachet.

Balancing fashion + function

First off, I love stuffed animals and toys with "primitive" designs. There is something beautiful in simplicity.

It took me about 12 attempts before I figured out the “trouser design”. The goal was to find a way for the lavender sachet to be easily added + removed, but I wanted that function to be hidden in the design. And, I wanted to avoid using velcro or buttons.

Once I solved that issue, it took me about five more iterations before I figured out the right pattern for the body, ears and hands.

I’ll be honest, I wanted to give up several times. It sounds like a simple task, but coming up with a unique + functional design took a lot of effort. Even my three year old got tired of giving his opinions on the different iterations. lol

The final design

Months later, the final design emerged. The Wool + Lavender Lamb is soft and cuddly. We think it's perfect cuddling, bedtime routines + encouraging mindful moments. With every sqeeze or cuddle, the soft scent of lavender is released. And if the lamb gets dirty, the sachet can be removed to allow for washing. 

Each one is handmade by myself, so they are all unique and a little bit different. They are a labour of love through and through from our farms to your homes + hands .I hope these stuffies live on and on; becoming heirloom keepsakes, favourite toys, and/or the most beautiful "hand-me-down". 

You can find them in my shop and at Revolution Wool Co

xo, Stephanie

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