Close up shot of TLC logo stickers on wrapped dried bouquets

New Photos + Product Sneak Peek

We're re-opening our online store in just a few days - on Friday (woo hoo) - but couldn't wait to share some of our new product photos.

Previously I took all our product shots on my iPhone (or Steve's Pixel), and then tried to spiff them up in Photoshop. It was a painstaking nightmare. Ugh.

Brea of breaSmith Photography took our new product shots and dear god they are nice. Big shout out to Brea for working her magic and also making my life so much easier. Good bye portrait mode!

Brea and her family also live in Arthur and it was great to collaborate with another local small business. Fun fact - Brea and I played on the same baseball team when we were kiddos ;)

Anyways, the photos are great and I love a good sneak preview. So, here you go!

Ps. Can you guess what all of the new products are?

Can't wait for Friday!
xo, Stephanie

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