Lavender Compound Butter Recipe

Lavender Compound Butter Recipe

One of the simplest ways to use culinary lavender is in butter. By making a simple compound butter you can easily add lavender to many different recipes. It's also a great way to serve lavender to friends who haven't tried it yet. I like to serve the butter with a meal; that way my guests can use as much or as little as the like!

This Lavender Compound Butter works well in mashed potatoes, on corn on the cob, on bread and biscuits, for basting chicken, turkey and beef, and even works great in cookie recipes! To add to cookie recipes, you simply replace the regularly called for butter with lavender butter. Yup, it's that simple.

Any culinary lavender will work. When I am making this butter for friends, I like to use a lavender variety that is a deep purple (like Royal Velvet or Super Blue). This makes the lavender more visible within the butter/dish.

Lavender Compound Butter Recipe

Prep Time: 5 min  
Author: Stephanie Craig 


  • 2 tsp (up to 1 tbsp) culinary lavender buds
  • 1 cup butter (softened)


Crush the lavender buds between your hands/fingers or grind in a spice grinder. The more you crush/grind, the more the flavour will distribute throughout the butter.

Whip/mix the crushed lavender buds into your softened butter. We like to use a mixer and whip the butter so it is as light and fluffy as possible, but simply stirring in the lavender works well too!

Place the compound butter in a resealable container and back in fridge until use.


We’d love to hear how you’ve used this recipe! Comment below to let us know.

xo, Stephanie

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