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All About our 2024 Lavender Harvest Share

I’ve had several questions lately about our CSA program, which we call our Lavender Harvest Share.

Mainly people have asked, “What even is a CSA?” That’s fair, lol.

CSA stands for “Community Support Agriculture”. Essentially it is an offering/program run by a farm that helps connect people/buyers/customers directly with the farm/farmers. CSA “share holders” provide farmers with money up-front at the start of a growing season in return for a portion of the harvest. Typically, you see this model used by fruit/vegetable farms.

This upfront payment helps farmers buy the inputs needed for the season and provides income before the season begins. It helps me plan, gives me income during our off-season and supports our hope of building a community around the farm.

It’s unconventional for a lavender farm to do a CSA, but honestly that’s the goal. We want to offer lavender in unique + meaningful ways. I want our customers to feel connected to the farm, the land, to us as the farmers/makers, and to our products. For me, this sort of connection supports thoughtful consumption + pushes the traditional boundaries set out by consumerism.

Anyways, I’ll tackle a few more frequently asked questions here. If I’ve missed something, email me at stephanie@tullamorelavender.ca

xo, Stephanie


What’s included in the 2024  Lavender Harvest Share?

  • An all-season pass to the farm
  • Dried + fresh lavender bouquets (quantity depends on the success of growing season)
  • A lavender plant
  • A secret bonus TLC gift
  • 20% off all TLC products (not including workshops + special events)

What is an All-Season Pass?

During the lavender bloom (end of June and early July), we will charge admission for entrance to enjoy our blooming fields. But, CSA share holders will have open access to the farm free of charge (during our open hours, of course).

Come every day we are open... or just once. It's totally up to you! Each time you come, you can bring one vehicle with up to six (6) guests. No need to register/buy tickets, just come during our open hours and we'll be happy to see you.

Special events are not included and require ticket purchase.

When will my lavender products be ready?

Once you purchase a Lavender Harvest Share, we'll send you your 20% off discount code, which you can begin using right away. It will be valid until Dec 31, 2024. You can use it online or in person.

In May + June we’ll keep Share Holders updated on our open hours. As soon as our farm opens for the bloom (likely around June 20th) Share Holders can come visit and pick up their physical share items (fresh/dried lavender bouquets, lavender plant + bonus gift). These are all a “one-time pick up”, ie. you can come to the farm as much as you want, but you will only receive one package of lavender share items.

How many people can I bring to the farm when I visit?

Each time a Share Holder visits, they can bring one vehicle with up to six (6) guests. No need to register/buy tickets, just come during our open hours and we'll be happy to see you. Unfortunately, we cannot have dogs on the farm so you will need to leave your furry friends at home (service animals are always welcome).

How large is your lavender farm? What is there to do?

Our farm might be considered small compared to many of the lavender farms in Ontario, but it's pretty damn nice in our opinion. We have 2,500 plants that fit in about 1 acre of land, but the lavender fields are surrounded by a 100 acre farm with beautiful farmscapes. The heart of our space is our lavender shed and patio, where we have our retail shop and a field concession stand that serves lavender drinks + snacks.

We encourage visitors to explore the two different lavender plots (grass plot + stone plot), to walk along the rows of lavender, to use on our picnic blankets to sit/lay between the rows, to enjoy a lavender drink or snack at our picnic tables, or bring your own picnic. Take in the views, the sounds, the smells. See how many different insects you can spot. Put your feet in the cool grass. Sit in a lounge chair and let your shoulders drop.

Can I have my lavender items shipped to me?

If you are interested in covering the cost of shipping, yes. But we do encourage you to come to the farm to pick up! Shipping within Ontario and Quebec is typically $15-20. Shipping to all other provinces is typically $25-30. Otherwise, you must pick-up your lavender bouquets + bonus gift. Unfortunately, we cannot safely ship the plant.

Can I gift a Lavender Harvest Share?

Yes, of course! It actually makes a really, really nice gift in my opinion! Just send me an email at stephanie@tullamorelavender.ca after you’ve made your purchase and we can coordinate who gets what updates. That way I don’t ruin the surprise!

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