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  • Grey striped eye pillow on white
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Tullamore Lavender Co.

Lavender Eye Pillow - Linen

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The perfect way to relax your eyes and mind after a busy day. Place the pillow on your eyes or temple to release a calming aroma and enjoy a soft relaxing weight. It is filled with wheatberries and Ontario lavender (Lavandula x intermedia) and features a washable cover.

Use the pillow for 5 minutes of downtime, during meditation, at the end of your yoga practice, or to help you fall asleep.

 More Details

  • Measures 9” x 4.5”
  • Includes washable 55% linen 45% cotton cover
  • Insert filled with wheatberries and Ontario lavender 
  • Handmade with TLC at our farm near Arthur, Ontario
  • Each is unique and may differ slightly from pictured 
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Dried lavender buds hold essential oil. Over time the oil (and aroma) release. Lavender can hold its scent for years, but we’d say the eye pillow should smell lovely for about a year. To release the oils and aroma, softly shake and move around the eye pillow contents. The more you move around the lavender, the more scent it will release (and eventually fade).

Perfect for:

  • Folx who look at screens all day
  • Folx who practice meditation or yoga

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